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What is the Best Smelling German Christmas Incense?

Posted by Douglas Gray on

What is the Best Smelling German Christmas Incense? Just like the gifts the wise men presented to Jesus, it is frankincense and myrrh that are most preferred for celebrating Christmas. The fact that these two scents are also made into perfumes is an indication of their wonderful aromas, and makes them very appealing.

German Incense

Being able to smell incense before you buy one has always been the best way to figure out which scent is right for your home. This can only be done if there is a store nearby that sells them. With the global marketplace shifting to predominately online sales, you no longer have the luxury of smelling before buying. For this reason, you need to have some kind of reference to what they smell like before you decide on purchasing them.

Myrrh is said to give off a slightly earthy aroma with a hint of black licorice. Frankincense is considered a more woodsy smell with a warm balsamic scent added into the mix. Frankincense and myrrh may be the most popular choices, but both can have a variety of scents depending on the quality of the product.

The biggest variant being their levels of sweetness. It would seem the cheaper the incense, the sweeter the smell. Since there are many different grades to both incense, it is important to get one of higher quality, and higher quality usually means higher cost. Being informed about the descriptions and ingredients will help you find the best quality, but nothings beats trial and error. 

Other incense that many people enjoy around the Christmas include fruits, berries and honeysuckle. Most incense use the term “berry” to describe a general smell, not any specific type like blue berry or raspberry. Apple is the favorite of all the fruits, but apricot is a close second. Some people even like to mix incense together. One common combination is pairing myrrh with molasses and hazelnut. 

What you may not know about incense is that they are constructed from tree resin. These aromas are created from the tree’s sap. If you like the smell of a certain tree in your area, learn what kind of tree it is and figure out what scent it produces. Then you can purchase that incense and have the smell filling up your house all year long.

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