Wendt & Kuhn wings styles for their Angels

Wendt & Kuhn wings styles for their Angels

Buy Wendt and Kuhn Angels at ChristKindl-Markt.comHow many wing styles does Wendt & Kuhn have for the Angels? At this time there are only two varieties. On the Wendt & Kuhn Angels that make up the heavenly orchestra, the wings are now green with the 11 customary dots. The shape is of a triangle with a curved side for the back of the wing.


Not only are the orchestra Wendt & Kuhn Angels equipped with this style of wing but so are the Gold Edition Angels, the angels that are made as tree ornaments and a few of the other types of decorations that have incorporated Angels into their overall appearance.

The other type of wings placed on Wendt & Kuhn Angels is a smaller hooked shaped ones that are white with blue stripes. These are on the Margaritten Angels. They received their names because of the daisy headbands they wear. At the present time there are 12 different Margaritten Angels available from Wendt & Kuhn. This year there are three additions to the list in celebration of 95 years since the first Wendt & Kuhn Angels were created.


Buy Wendt and Kuhn Angels at ChristKindl-Markt.comThe tradition of the Wendt & Kuhn Angels with the triangular shaped wings and 11 dots started 8 years after the first Wendt & Kuhn Angels were created in 1923. It gave this small little shop a distinctive look so they could be recognizable instantly. It is like a trade mark of sorts. But they were not always green as a main color.


During the Soviet occupation of East Germany, supplies of goods were not as it is today. There was always rationing and limits to what was available. Today a person can still find members of the Wendt & Kuhn Angels orchestra with pink, blue and red wings. They still have the distinctive 11 dots, only the colors vary. This can be verified that they are original Wendt & Kuhn Angels by the paper label on the bottom that has the WUK and East Germany stamp on them.


Buy Wendt and Kuhn Angels at ChristKindl-Markt.comThe paper label on some of these old Wendt & Kuhn Angels might not still be present, but the angels themselves along with their distinctive wing shape and dots are identifiable of where they were made. The stamp is actually on the base and should still be present if they are original and authentic Wendt & Kuhn Angels.


The way each of the wings is placed on the Wendt & Kuhn Angels is almost identical from artesian to artesian. This is a matter of pride from the workers at the Wendt & Kuhn shop.

While not every figurine from Wendt & Kuhn is that of an angel. There are numerous ones made to represent humans. What they do have in common with the Wendt & Kuhn Angels are the faces and styling that are just alike.

I hope this answers the question of how many wing styles does Wendt & Kuhn have for the Angels, with some extra information that was thought to be important.