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Why I Collect German Wooden Figurines

Why I Collect German Wooden Figurines

German Figurine Collecting German wooden figurines is a fun, entertaining, and unique hobby to have that just about anyone of any age can start, afford, and enjoy. I collect German wooden figurines because they are beautiful, creative, and less expensive to collect than some other collectible hobbies. While many German wooden figurines are designed for or associated with Christmas and Easter, I collect and display my wooden figurines all year long. My children love them and they are always an interesting conversation starter for when friends and family come to visit. People who know me always want to see the latest wooden figurines I have collected since the last time I saw them, so it is always fun to show them the new little figurines I have added to my collection in the meantime.

The most important part for me in why I collect German wooden figurines is the joy they bring me and the fun I have when searching for a new design to add to my figurine collection. German wooden figurines are decorated with such love and care by master craftsmen in Germany that you can just see the pride the woodcarvers and painters had when they created each and every figurine. Wooden figurines always seem to be smiling and happy and looking at them always makes me smile and feel happy inside as well. The fun of adding new pieces to my wooden figurine collection is both entertaining and challenging.

For instance, I am currently putting together my very own wooden figurine angel orchestra and searching for the newest member of my angel band is fun and exciting. I currently have a flutist, a drummer, a trumpet player, and a saxophonist, but my heart is set on adding a conductor and an accordion player to my growing figurine angel orchestra collection.

I like to set goals for myself in my everyday life and when I reach them I reward myself with a brand new German wooden figurine. This way I can have fun collecting wooden figurines while also making a sort of game out of it rather than just buying them haphazardly throughout the year.

German Figurine I also like to collect German wooden figurines because they are so highly collectible, yet affordably priced for the amateur collector. German wooden figurines that come from the Erzgebirge Mountain region of Germany are considered the best wooden figurines in the world. Handcrafted using the same methods and traditions that have been handed down over the decades from generation to generation, these German collectibles are highly sought after around the world. German figurine makers such as Wendt & Kuehn, KWO, Muller, and Dregeno have been handcrafting these little works of art for generations, so their designs are always in demand.

Being able to afford multiple German wooden figurines that will only increase in value over the years makes it a hobby that I can really enjoy as I add more and more figurines to my collection over the years. I have some figurines that were as little as ten dollars and as much as fifty dollars, so being able to add to my collection in an affordable way keeps my budget in check, but also allows me the flexibility to collect multiple figurines because they are so affordable. This makes collecting wooden figurines that much more enjoyable for me because I know I am not breaking the bank with each new addition to my figurine collection.

An important part of having a collection like German wooden figurines is the tradition I have started with my own family. Rather than just buying figurines for myself, I also enjoy giving them as gifts to my children and other family members each year. It has gotten to the point now that both of my children now have their own little mini German wooden figurine collections of their own. When they were very young, I started buying them a new figurine for their birthdays and for Christmas. It has become sort of a game now between us as to what wooden figurine they might get each year. I wrap each of their wooden figurines in a special gift wrapping, so they know which one it is, and it is so much fun watching them trying to figure out which wooden figurine it might. Having this kind of family tradition has brought our family closer together and being able to pass on the love of collecting German wooden figurines is something that they can pass on to their children when they grow up.

German Figurine While I love my Christmas wooden figurines, I also enjoy collecting my springtime wooden figurines as well. Many German figurine makers get their inspiration from the nature that surrounds them throughout the year and with springtime the many plants and animals that are around have made their way into German wooden figurine designs. Rabbits, chicks, and ladybugs are popular wooden figurine designs. They represent new life and are often quite whimsical in design and fun to look at.

My favorite springtime wooden figurine set that I have is the ladybug band! Each little ladybug plays a different musical instrument on tiny little ladybug legs. Every time I look at that those little figurine ladybugs playing their springtime jig, it makes me smile. My children love the wooden figurines that are shaped like little country girls holding giant flowers above their heads like umbrellas. Their birthdays are both in the springtime, so each gets a very special flower girl wooden figurine each year as one of their gifts. As you can see, there are so many different reasons why I collect German wooden figurines. They make me happy, are fun to collect, increase in value, are incredibly affordable, and have become an important tradition for all the members of my family. If you are looking for a collection to start, consider German wooden figurines because they have brought so much joy to my life and I am sure they will bring joy to yours as well.