German Holiday Decorations

German Holiday Decorations

Beatrix Eggs to fill 5 inches KnittingWhy do people remove Christmas decorations after the holiday is over? If the decorations signify new life and birth, why should they not be kept or at least put back up during the spring? Spring is the most beautiful season, giving life to all plants and trees that were previously dead during winter. Vegetation thrives on the alternating rain and sunshine that the season brings. Thus, it only makes sense to keep celebrating life with some type of decoration. Germany makes many different types of hand-made wooden decorations that can be used during winter and spring, even during the whole year, if desired.

Beatrix Eggs to fill 5 inches YellowThe first decoration that can be used are the ornaments. There are not only Christmas ornaments but also spring and nature ornaments. Perhaps one of the most popular spring ornaments are rabbit ornaments. There are many different kinds: eggs, figures, and scenes. The egg-shapped ornaments painted with Easter bunnies on the surface are ready to fill with candies and goodies. These would make a great addition to the popular egg hunt during Easter or they can be hung from outdoor tree branches. They are not only cute but humorous (see picture)- the rabbit on the ornament is teasing the chicken by holding one of its eggs in his hand.

There are other rabbit ornaments including the Beatrix egg set. In one ornament, the mama rabbit is knitting. In another, the mamma rabbit is shown with her children. Another shows the baby rabbit sitting in a large watering can. All these would make wonderful additions to a set. And best of all, they can all be filled!

Skiing Rabbit Ornament FallingThe figures are the most humorous. One figure portrays two rabbits walking along a path, carrying a backpack and a basket filled with eggs. These would make a great gift for a teacher or a friend. Their natural color is preserved and only a few specks of paint are added to enhance the faces of the two rabbits. Another type of figure is the ski figure. These show a rabbit either skiing, walking, falling, or jumping. Since winters in the mountains bring a lot of snow, skiing has become a popular hobby in Germany and thus, has made its way into the woodmaking business.

Bunnies Painting Egg Wooden SceneThe last ornament, the scene ornament, is the most intricate. These are ornaments which show some scene carved in wood. In this case, there are two different scenes: rabbits painting eggs and a rabbit hiding among flowers. The scenes are best hung on a window.

For those who dislike the rabbit ornaments but still like the Easter theme, the set of 6 beautifully hand-painted eggs is perfect. Each egg is a different color and is intricately painted with flowers. These ornaments would be best hung from an outdoor tree that is blooming. Guests will marvel at the way the ornaments can brighten an all-white blossoming tree.

Beautiful Painted Easter Eggs Set of 6Rabbits are not the only thing that one can decorate their house with during springtime. There are many German ornaments that consist of children and flowers. The recurring theme of children and new life seen in many of the ornaments shows how the Seiffen people esteem their families and a new beginning. In the following example is a set of eight ornaments with either a boy or a girl in each one.

Eight Flower Children OrnamentsThey are holding different flowers, perhaps a Narcissus, the most popular flower in Germany, and the German chamomile, a healing herb used for upset stomachs and to aid in sleeping. This flower was the perfect antidote for healing all the ailments of the miners and later, the woodworkers and their families.The second type of spring decoration are the pyramids. German Pyramids are wonderful for yearly use. They can be displayed both during winter, fall, spring, and summer. In winter they complete the scene of warmth that is common during the season. Imagine sitting by the fire with a warm cup of chocolate and a blanket wrapped around you. Your favorite pyramid sits on a table before you, turning in a circle propelled by the flame of the candle. Or think about springtime and the cool weather that is beginning to dissipate. Imagine sitting with family, enjoying some coffee or tea with your favorite spring pyramid perched in front of you.

It displays four children all holding flowers and one an umbrella. It reminds you of your four children when they were younger and of how they always were excited for summer to come. It brings back more memories of fun and happiness. Pyramids come in different shapes and sizes and with various themes. In fact, there is a pyramid for everyone. Whether you enjoy animals, Christmas, or children, there is a pyramid to suit your taste.

Flower Children PyramidThe last type of spring decor are the figurines. Many of the German figurines show rabbits or chicks doing various human things like playing a trumpet, riding a scooter, and even walking their baby around on a stroller. These make great gifts for anyone since there is so much variety: a bass player, an artist, an accordion player, and as mentioned above, a trumpet player. In addition, there are over ten different girls figurines each holding a different flower: a buttercup, a carnation, a dahlia, a carnation, and a columbine to name a few. Their cute faces and authentic German dresses make this a gift that any woman would love to display, especially if it is her favorite flower.

In conclusion, one does not need Christmas to display German decorations. There are many kinds of ornaments, pyramids, and figurines that can be posted year-round. These items will remind you of the excitement and cheer that springtime brings, of trees and plants reborn and of new life being given.