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Other names for German beer steins and what they mean

Other names for German beer steins and what they mean

Buy German Beer Steins at ChristKindl-Markt.comThere are other names for German Beer Steins and what they mean has become an interesting topic as of late. The easiest is the German word Bierkrug which is translated to English as beer mug. This can be any open-faced or closed lid container that is used for consuming your favorite beer.


Another rather easy one is the word stein itself. This is translated into English a stone. The word stein itself is short or slang for the German word steinzeug. The full term originally used in Germany was steinzeug-krug which means stoneware mug.

One of the many misconceptions of German words to English is the word bierstein. This is really beerstone which is the brim that forms on the side of the brewing vessels when beer is being fermented. It is not a vessel to consume beer with.

The German word Maßkrug or Maß (for a one-litre beer mug) is used in the Bavarian region of Germany when you are referring to the drinking vessel for beer by the locals. This is a doubled walled glass drinking vessel that holds 3 average beers for an American. The vessel itself weighs in at over 2 pounds so when it is full, you know you have a large serving of beer.


Buy German Beer Steins at ChristKindl-Markt.comThe word Humpen translated from German to English means tankard. This is the referenced used in Berlin and the northern part of Germany when referring to a German Beer Stein. The tankard itself is reference to a large cylindrical shaped vessel that has a handle on it. Most of them are made out of stoneware or glass but a few are created from pewter and brass. They are decorated just like other German beer steins with hand painted images on the outside. A majority of them also have a lid made of pewter attached with a hinge on the handle.


The word Adlerhumpen, Alder-Humpen, Willkomm-Humpen and Reichsalder-Humpen all refer to very tall glass cylinders that were used for drinking, mainly beer. In the 16th century enamel paint was starting to be applied to them with the most common item being the double eagle of the Holy Roman Empire. The wings would be outspread which would contain the names of the 56 electors and other members of the empire on the feathers. This Roman symbol was called the Roman Empire Seidel or Seidla. Most of these vessels could only hold ½ a litre of beer. These are very popular in the Franconia region of Germany. This is in the northern part of modern day Bavaria.

In the Rhineland – Palatinate the words stein is used when referring to a beer drinking vessel that can handle a 1 litre volume. If you prefer a small container then ask for a Schoppen. It can hold ½ a litre of beer. This is one of the 16 states of German located in the south western portion of the country.


Buy German Beer Steins at ChristKindl-Markt.comThe Keferloher is the plain stoneware beer mug with no decoration on it in most cases. This is a thick mug that keeps beer cold for extended periods of time. There are some that are made with a flat tin lid, but not as many that are lidless. This is the drinking vessel of choice for the Keferloh region of German.


These are many of the other names for German Beer Steins and what they mean. The most important thing to know is you can drink beer with any of them.