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Where Did "Christmas in July" Come From?

Posted by Douglas Gray on

Where did "Christmas in July" come from? This is a very strange title for anyone who lives in the northern hemisphere. Who would want to or even think about celebrating Christmas in the heat of the summer?
This is very different for those that live in the southern hemisphere here on planet earth. Their seasons are the opposite of the north and they celebrate the traditional Christmas when it is hot in December. For the many people that move to places like Australia and New Zealand along with South Africa, the time snow is falling and it is cooler is in July. 

To have the wonderful song by Bing Crosby of “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” to have any meaning, Christmas will have to be celebrated when snow is on the ground or in July. In the past many English citizens that moved to Australia celebrated Christmas in July. Today Christmas is celebrated in many Australian comminutes in both December and August. The reason July is no longer used is to be respectful of other religions and groups in the local areas that have other holidays in July. 

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The very first mention of “Christmas in July” was from an opera back in 1892. This opera has children practicing their Christmas songs in July.

In the year 1933 the girls attending summer camp in North Caroline celebrated Christmas in July and had a Christmas tree and presents. This was at Camp Keystone. There was even a comedy movie made back in 1940 called “Christmas in July”.

Today in the northern hemisphere, Christmas in July is used by a large number of advertisers. This is just another reason to draw customers into their stores. In many places it has caught on because the celebration of this festive event is always enjoyed. It is not an official holiday anywhere in the north but many television stations run the Christmas movies at this time of year and there are also many families that exchange gifts. It is a way for many to think about the colder months during the extremely hot conditions that exist in the summer months. Sometime just thinking about winter cools people off. 

Other months that Christmas is celebrated around the world include April and September. Both of those are in Australia. What is consistent no matter what time of year Christmas is being celebrated is all of the wonderful desserts that are prepared for the annual feast. This includes the wondrous gingerbread houses and those delicious plum puddings. Most places also include a traditional Christmas tree and German Christmas Pyramid today. The giving of gifts is also done in which the children love. Who does not love receiving a gift from a loved one in the middle of the year?