What Wendt & Kuhn Angels should I collect first

What Wendt & Kuhn Angels should I collect first

Buy Wendt and Kuhn Angels at ChristKindl-Markt.comWhat Wendt & Kuhn Angels should I collect first? This is a dilemma many collectors encounter when they first discover the Wendt & Kuhn Angels collection. Fortunately for most, they already have one or more Wendt & Kuhn Angels because they have received them as a gift.


For many the decision is rather easy, the first thing to do would be to collect the orchestra. Since the sound of the trumpets was the announcement from God that Jesus had been born to the world, they would be a great place to start. In this collection there are two Wendt & Kuhn Angels blowing the trumpets. One is sitting while the other is standing. There is also the little trumpet, the little trumpet sitting and a little trumpet sitting on the beach. Last of the trumpet players are the Ceremonial Trumpet that would be a wonderful choice.

You always could go the route of purchasing the new ones for the year and work your way backwards. For 2011, the new players to the heavenly orchestra included the Wendt & Kuhn Angel playing the trombone and another playing the gong.

You could go by choosing the ones that are sitting first or standing, which ever your preference is. Not all of the orchestra players are represented in both positions but 18 of them are.


Buy Wendt and Kuhn Angels at ChristKindl-Markt.comIf you played an instrument in school you could begin with that as your first selection. Nearly every conceivable instrument is represented in the Heavenly orchestra by the Wendt & Kuhn Angels. This includes the accordion, banjo, bass horn, bass drum, bassoon, baton, bell, cello, clarinet, concertina, cymbals, kettle drum, drum, flute, french horn, grand piano, guitar, harp, lute, mandolin, maraca, military drum, mouth organ, melodic, oboe, orchestra horn, organ grinder, pan pipes, pan flute, percussions, recorder, bells, saxophone, star, triangle, tuba, viola, violin, xylophone and the zither.


There are even Wendt & Kuhn Angels that resemble cupid in the sitting, kneeling and standing position.

Each one of these Wendt & Kuhn Angels is all completed in detail with the traditional green wings and eleven dots that has become the trademark of the Wendt & Kuhn Angels since 1923.

To accompany the heavenly orchestra Wendt & Kuhn Angels there are additional pieces to bring them to life. There is sheet music and music stands for the angles to have in front of them. So they can be more realistic in their appearance and for a great way to display there several different stands to place your Wendt & Kuhn Angels on. This includes the 3, 4, and 6 level clouds that the Wendt & Kuhn Angels be assembled on to play just like a real orchestra.


Buy Wendt and Kuhn Angels at ChristKindl-Markt.comFor the center of the cloud there are two different Madonna‘s that hold the baby Jesus in her arms.


This is what you have to choose from when you are trying to decide what Wendt & Kuhn Angels should I collect first. One thing is for sure, there is no wrong choice.