My Dads best birthday gift a German Beer stein

My Dads best birthday gift a German Beer stein

Buy German Beer Steins at ChristKindl-Markt.comMy Dads best birthday gift was from me. I decided to find the perfect German beer stein and give it to him this year. The reason I decided on this for a gift was the fact that my dad’s like to collect items like models of fine German and Italian cars. This just goes well with his collection along with the fact that he loves to drink beer with his friends. He also has a couple of cheap Budweiser steins that were just kinda blah.


Once I looked into the different types and styles of German beer steins I know I was on the right track. These were and are still statues symbols in the region of the world that has the best traditions when it comes to beer along with the best beer in the world.

I thought about purchasing a really old beer stein so it could become part of his collection. While there are many old German beer steins available, the price was a little out of my reach. In addition I would want him to enjoy the use of his stein. This would not be possible or practical with a 200 year old stein.


Buy German Beer Steins at ChristKindl-Markt.comI also saw numerous regimental German beer steins that had the list of men in the regiments, along with historical battles that they fought in that were for sale. This gave me an idea. While there is a great selection of standard German beer steins and Oktoberfest beer steins, even drinking horn beer steins. I decided to take a different route.


I contacted one of the current German beer stein manufactures and made an inquiry in to how much a custom made German beer stein would cost. With mini pewter German beer steins starting at under $100, I figured I could afford it. Nearly all of the manufactures had a waiting list along with a price that was out of my budget.

In this search of German beer stein makers, I noticed all the different kinds that were already being produced. There were so many more than the traditional steins available. There were theme steins made of the same to quality as the traditional ones, but more suited to my father. I could chose from a specific German city or a choice of counties. If I wanted a cool looking castle is was also there.


Buy German Beer Steins at ChristKindl-Markt.comThere are also varieties of sports German beer steins or wildlife along with occupations like firefighters, chemist or farming. There are even some for dog lovers.


Seeing how my dad was in the navy I finally decided on the nautical lighthouse German beer stein. Even then the choice was difficult with all the old sailing vessels to choose from or with a specific lighthouse that is located on the North Sea on German soil.

I decided my Dad’s best birthday gift would be the Lighthouse and Windjammer Gorch Fork German Beer Stein. It was under $170 and is not only something he would cherish, but he could use when drinking with his friends.