Dreaming of Visiting Germany

Dreaming of Visiting Germany

Preparing and packing for any trip is always exciting. The anticipation of what is to come always puts me in a lofty state where all I can think about is what I will do, see, and purchase. Any well-planned trip involves a schedule with all the events to attend within the destination spot. However, many trips are spontaneous or require no planning, for example, the beach. In either case, much is to be looked forward to, whether it be the beach, a museum, or a world-famous parade.

One trip that I would especially look forward to is a trip to Germany. Out of the seven days that I would be there, I would like to spend two of those days visiting Seiffen, Germany. Most of Europe contains culture and a plentiful education in history and traditions. Many of the cities are known for certain arts or themes that have made them popular throughout the years. Seiffen, Germany is known for its toy-making production. This special town consists of approximately only 3,500 inhabitants and is located in the Erzgebirge region of Germany. The prospect of seeing the place where German wood toys, including German pyramids, nutcrackers, and smokers originated makes me smile. Knowing how difficult and time-consuming carving a small piece of wood is, I cannot imagine how much more time it takes to carve the German pyramids, sometimes more than two feet tall, smokers, or even nutcrackers. Thus, it is so exciting to think about visiting the town where the masters of the art live.

For this particular trip, my most important item to bring would be my camera. Nothing tells a story better than a picture. And who would believe me when I tell them that a 20-foot German toy pyramid exists within the Seiffen museum unless I have proof? The Seiffen museum, along with the open-air museum are at the top of my list to see. The three floors of the museum house around 3,000 items! This museum would take about half the day to tour. The other half could be spent seeing the open-air museum. The open-air museum is set up to show the various buildings that were used in the toy production process. The house of the miner, is the most important individual and the most repeated theme in German wood products, the home of the basketmaker and the home of the toymaker are among the twelve preserved buildings.

Each museum documents the events that transpired in order to bring about the existence of so many German toys. Since the town of Seiffen was once a mining town and the right to mine ended in 1849, the people of Seiffen turned from mining to woodcarving and the art form of wooden German pyramids, toys, nutcrackers, and smokers came about. I would, of course, visit during Christmas when the whole town celebrates this joyful holiday with candles and song. The museum actually puts on a special program for visitors!

Candleholder Seiffen Church ElectricDuring the evening of the first night, I can imagine walking down the cobblestoned walkway in the heart of the small town with tiny cottages on either side of me. In all the windows candles are lit providing the abode with an air of warmth and welcome. At the end of the walkway and to the left lie the small boutiques and shops, some even with German toys and nutcrackers displayed in the windows, and one single restaurant serving steaming soup, delicate sandwiches and hot spiced drinks. Many people are sitting outside on the tables and chairs chatting about their events that took place today and laughing about their own stories. The atmosphere is full of amiability and fun. Children wander playing tag down the sidewalks on one side of the street and on the other, a young boy walks his small dog. It is an imagination such as this one that creates a desire to travel to this wonderful, small town.

After visiting the two museums the first day, I would go to see the Seiffen church the second day, a church that is seen in some of the pyramids and even some of the German-made ornaments.

This church was built in 1779 and its structure is octagonal in shape. Since I would be visiting in Christmas, all the decorations for the Church would be out: lights, candles and lanterns all throughout the building. Also, I would have a chance to hear all the choirs that present their programs during the holiday. It seems like it would be a perfect way to celebrate the festive season. It would be interesting to attend a church service there, even if it is conducted in German.

Carolers in Church Ornaments Set of Three After visiting the church, my last stop would be the factory where much of the German pyramids and nutcrackers are made. I have read that visitors can actually watch as the workers sculp the objects into beautifully carved and designed decorations. This would be fascinating because I would be able to see the artwork being formed right in front of my eyes.

The two days spent in Seiffen will be full of learning and culture. It will be interesting to see how different the people of Seiffen live and how their way of life differs from ours. I can imagine it is spent in hard work and in a much slower pace of life.

Honestly, I do not know that I will ever visit Seiffen, or Germany, or even Europe. But as I watch the work of the carpenter from those great hands created, a beautiful 12 inch pyramid replica of the Seiffen Church, spin on the mantel above my fireplace I know what my dream is. Thanks for reading my dream.