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Germans Make Wooden Bunny Figurines

Posted by Douglas Gray on

Germans make bunny figurines too. This is so anyone who enjoys displaying for the spring season, especially around Easter, can have the appropriate theme of characters in their home. 

It is traditional today for bunnies to represent the wonders of spring time. The blossoming of flowers and the beauty they enrich the world with. The bunnies being soft little furry animals just fit perfectly in that scenario.
A large number of the German bunnies also have an Easter Egg either attached to them or in the scene. The egg represents the birth of a new year and the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. They are a subtle way of showing you know the true meaning of Easter.

German Bunny

The Germans make a wide assortment of spring time bunnies out of wood. They are similar in their makeup as the other figurines that are used on the German Christmas Pyramids. Each bunny is handcrafted of real wood and hand painted so each one is a unique work of art all to itself. 

There are bunnies you can own that are families, mothers with small children, musicians playing instruments to name a few. There is also a wide selection of bunnies sitting on top of Easter Eggs which will always get the mood of cheer in any room they are located in. 

For those of you that love to spend time in the park with your family, there are wondrous sets of bunnies that can represent this for you. This includes children bunnies playing on a teeter totter and families sitting on a park bench together along with many just walking and enjoying life. 

As for the many bunny musicians, almost every wood, string and horn instrument is being played by a cute little bunny. There are enough varieties of them playing different musical instruments that you could have an orchestra of them set up in your home if you so desire. 

For the home makers there are bunnies taking care of their families like cooking or just stirring a pot of food. There are both male and female bunnies raking around their home and doing gardening. Yes this is ironic because most people have to take steps to keep real bunnies out of their gardens. The children bunnies are the ones I think are the cutest. They are riding their scooters, pulling wagons or attending school. Because the use of bunnies in the spring time involves the use of your imagination, there are also bunnies caring for newly born chicks from the Easter Eggs. 

No matter what your preference, if it is bunnies and flowers, bunnies and music or just bunnies representing the people in your life, they can all be properly displayed as fine art from the German woodworks. Just the sight of these bunnies on display will lighten the hearts and moods of all that gaze upon them.