The Uses of German Smokers

The Uses of German Smokers

The Uses of German Smokers

German Smokers are wonderful and unique handmade crafts that are fun to collect and make great gifts for even the hardest to please on your gift giving list. German smokers come in such a wide variety of styles that you can find ones that appeal to just everyone. These handmade little pieces of art come from the Erzgebirge region of Germany and have been made in the traditional woodcarving methods that have been around for centuries. Whether for yourself or for a gift, there are so many reasons to buy German smokers. Here are just a few suggestions to help you get started enjoying the fun of collecting and giving German smokers.

Collecting as a Hobby:
Having a collection of unique or handmade goods is a wonderful hobby to start or carry on. If you’ve been wanting to start a collection or hobby of some sort, but just didn’t know where to begin, collecting German smokers is a great place to start.

Many people want to start collecting something, but just don't know where to begin. All you have to do is buy one and then gradually add another and then another on a regular basis. Whether you buy a new one monthly or yearly, it doesn't matter because there are no rules to follow when it comes to collecting. There are literally hundreds, perhaps thousands, of different German smokers to choose from to start your collection.

German smokers can range in price from just twenty dollars to two hundred dollars, so it’s a hobby that’s as affordable or extravagant as you want it to be. Finding new German smokers to add to your collection is both fun and exciting. Looking for just the right smoker to add to your collection is half the fun of the process of collecting. Whether you buy them new or used, every time you add a new smoker to your collection, you’ll be adding another piece of yourself to the collection. German smokers can increase in value over the years as well, so it’s a hobby that will grow in your heart as well as in your pocketbook.

Birthday Collection:
Many people look for something they can collect to mark each of their children’s birthdays year after year. German smoker figurines are a great way to mark these special days throughout your child's lifetime and even into their adulthood. A new special German smoker can be purchased each year on your child's birthday and will always be remembered throughout the years. Every time you or your child looks at each German smoker, you’ll both remember what was going on in your child’s life as they got older. This birthday tradition can be carried on for generations as your children pass on their German smoker collection to their children. This is a unique and wonderful way to celebrate each and every special birthday your children and grandchildren will have throughout the years.

Christmas Decorations:
German smokers are most often associated with Christmas time, especially in Germany. Gold, frankincense, and myrrh were the gifts that the Three Wise Men brought the baby Jesus. Since then, the burning of frankincense has been used to celebrate the birth of Christ. German folklore also tells of how incense was used to chase away evil spirits that might inhabit a person’s home. Every year the Germans will place a smoker in each room of the house to chase away any evil spirits while also celebrating the Christmas season. This is a wonderful Christmas tradition that can become a part of your family and home as well.

Teacher or Hard-to-Buy-For Gifts:
It’s always difficult finding that perfect teacher’s gift that you want to give that special teacher in your child’s or your own life. German smoker figurines make great teacher gifts that will definitely be cherished forever. They’re also great for those hard-to-please people on your gift-giving list. There’s always that one person you just have no idea what to get for birthdays or holidays. German smokers are a wonderful choice for those who have everything because they come in such a wide variety of different styles. Whether they're into woodworking, baking, motorcycling, gardening, wine tasting, or train collecting, there’s a German smoker that will appeal to most hobbies and interests.

Family Traditions and Heirlooms:
Every family has one or two traditions that they have been following for years or family heirlooms that they have been collecting for generations. Whether it’s the tradition of putting out cookies on a special plate for Santa on Christmas Eve or handing down a treasured Amish quilt from mother to daughter, these are the things that keep families connected together over the years. Collecting German smoker figurines is a great way to start your own family tradition. These smokers can be collected, placed out over the holidays, and lit as a family. Year after year a new smoker can be added and the tradition of placing them in every room of the house is something that children and adults alike can look forward to each holiday season, much like decorating the tree or setting up the outdoor Christmas lights. Over the years, your German smoker collection can be handed down from generation to generation and will become treasured family heirlooms for many years to come.

No matter what you decide to do with your German incense smokers, you’ll find that they’ll grow in your heart year after year. Even if you only own one or decide to add new ones to your collection over the years, they’ll continue to bring you joy every time you light a new incense cone inside them and watch the smoke swirl around them. Whether you are collecting them for yourself or giving them as gifts, German smokers will never fail to delight and are certain to be a part of your family for generations to come.