Where is the World’s Tallest Nutcracker

Posted by Douglas Gray on 19th Jun 2015

Where is the world’s tallest nutcracker? Presently it is located in the town of Neuhausen, Germany. It stands 33 feet and 1 inch tall or 10.10 meters high. This nutcracker is on display at the museum along with over 5,000 other nutcrackers from 28 different countries. Because of its size, it is not operational. 

The largest operational German Nutcracker is also located in the museum at Neuhausen, Germany. It stands 19 feet and 3 inches high or 5.87 meters. It is so large it is said even a coconut can be cracked by it.

This museum also has the world’s smallest nutcracker. It stands a mere 0.19 inches or 4.9 mm high. The museum has its roots from the family Loschner in that town. They have a passion for nutcrackers and German music boxes. It all started with the father, Jurgen. Today this museum is managed by his son Uwe keeping it in the family.

In the outdoor section of this museum is the world’s largest music box. The music plate is almost 15 feet in diameter with figurines up to 7 feet tall. The overall weight of the music plate is over 1,200 pounds and the figurines can weigh up to 220 pounds. 

German Nutcracker

They do have nutcrackers from all over the world in their collection, but most of them are from old mining families who have workshops located in the Ore Mountains in German. This is the location the very first Nutcrackers were made. That tradition is still going strong today. 

The largest Nutcracker in the Middle East is located in the world’s most luxurious hotel named Burj Al Arab. It stands 15 feet tall or 4.57 meters. It is the largest of its kind in the Arab world. This is on display to help attract wealthy Christians to the Muslim section of the world. This is the only 7 star hotel in the world and is located in Dubai which is one of the United Arab Emirates. As part of their holiday celebration to attract tourists to this area of the world, they have a festival that runs each year from November 30th to December 30th. At their escalators in the lobby during this time will also be two other giant nutcrackers. They even serve up nutcracker shaped delicacies to help bring the festive mood to life.

Yes most of the ones described above are for decoration purposes. There are also many that are fully functional in the fact that they can actually crack nuts just like the ones most people decorate their homes with during the Christmas season in the German tradition. 

The Nutcrackers was originally from Germany and only Germans used them in the past. Today with the global market place, the nutcracker is a welcome gift or decoration anywhere in the world.