The day I graduated College and got a Beer Stein

The day I graduated College and got a Beer Stein

Buy German Beer Steins at ChristKindl-Markt.comThe day I graduated College and got a Beer Stein was somewhat of a surprise to me. I knew my father would pick an appropriate gift for this special occasion and I was right. I knew he had to pick something that would relate to my graduating from culinary school, but I never dreamed it would be the old family German Beer Stein.


The reason it was so special is the tradition that my family has had for over a century. My great great great grandfather came over from Germany in the late 1800’s. With him was his prize possession, his German Beer Stein. This was his regimental stein from the Franco-Prussian war of 1870.

My ancestor was a member of the famed 1st Garde Dragoon Regiment from Berlin. This was a regiment that was first formed in 1816 in Konigsberg. My ancestor along with his regiment saw action in the Franco-Prussian war in numerous engagements including the Battle of Gravelotte and the Siege of Mertz.


Buy German Beer Steins at ChristKindl-Markt.comThe Siege of Mertz was lead by Prince Fredrich Karl of Prussia who is on the German beer stein my ancestor owned. This was a decisive victory for the Prussians during the war and helps lead them to victory. What was amazing that with each passing of our family German Beer Stein the story of that battle has to be retold. It is a family tradition and must be told by the new recipient.


The Germans or Prussians only numbered 134,000 at that time. They were up against a French force of over 190,000 strong. The siege lasted from August 19 till October 27, 1870. The siege ended with the surrender of 187,000 French soldiers.

On the German Beer Stein is a portrait of Kaiser Wilhelm II along with that of Price Fredrich Karl. There was also a list of the different engagements this regiment had been in along with the names of the troop members that fought alongside my ancestor. On the list were names that had a cross by them. These were the men that died during the bloody battles that this regiment was involved in.

There was also a scene from the siege at Mertz, France that this regiment was victorious at. The lid of this German Beer Stein was a Calvary man on a horse. This is a doomed lid with the figurine in full detail and actuate in every detail of Prince Fredrich himself.


Buy German Beer Steins at ChristKindl-Markt.comMy great great great grandfather’s last name along with his rank is also on the stein. Then date of the battle was on the lower part starting at the handle going around the base.


My father had a grin on his face as I finished the story of the German beer stein of our family. I really think he was prouder of me becoming a man at carrying on the tradition of the stein that he was of my graduation.

Either way this is what occurred on the day I graduated college and got a beer stein that is still a family tradition I plan to keep going.