Getting Ready for a German Christmas

Posted by Douglas Gray on 10th Sep 2015

Getting ready for a German Christmas is simple to accomplish no matter where you live in the world. One of the necessary items to make this possible is to already have or acquire a German Christmas Pyramid. Unlike a traditional Christmas Tree, the Christmas Pyramid visually displays the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. On the different level of the pyramid is this wondrous story of our faith. It also gives the elders of the family personal time with the newest members when the pyramid is explained to them and the story told each year.

Another decorative piece that separates the German Christmas from what is set out in other countries is the number and type of figurines a visitor to a home will see. This will include the wondrous nutcrackers and smokers that are also hand crafted just like the German Christmas Pyramid. There are nutcrackers and smokers for almost every profession and likeness a family will have in their household. This way everyone can be represented and joined together for this joyous season.

German Pyramid

Part of the preparation for a German Christmas is making sure all of the displays are cleaned and the usable parts are in fresh supply. For many the most important supply is the appropriate Christmas Pyramid candles. This is the power source that turns the Christmas Pyramid and brings to life this wondrous and amazing story of just how our Lord was brought into this world. The fan blades should also be checked to make sure they are in proper working order.

Many families that celebrate the birth of Jesus in a German fashion change the theme each year. This is done by having different scenes of figurines set up on display. This can include the use of different German smokers in which incense will be lite to fill the air with the correct scent. An appropriate supply of incense should also be on hand for the holiday season. This is not something you would want to run out of when the family is gathered together and they usually cannot be found at the local convenient store.

What sets apart most homes is the assortment of German nutcrackers that are on display. Yes the children need to be reminded each year they are not to be used to crack the nuts and are for display purposes only anymore. While this was not always true, using them today will scratch the finish of them and the bygone kingly faces of the past will not be so evident once the finish is gone.

Preparing your home for a traditional German style Christmas is easy if you know where to get your supplies. The best part is there is no wrong way to set up the decorations you have. It is a personal thing and family tradition that counts at this wondrous time of the year.