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Grandchildren Love German Pyramids

Posted by Douglas Gray on

My grandchildren love my German Pyramids that I display each and every holiday season. I have two of them that have been with me for decades now. While they are old, they still look like new. This is in part because of the craftsmanship put into each one when it is being created. I also have to take some credit for how they look since I am the one that personally cleans and stores them away with care.

I know my grandchildren like to watch my German Christmas pyramids when they are rotating, but they also love the stories I tell about them. This is a tradition involving the German pyramids since the very first one was made back in the early part of the last century. 

German Pyramid

Each German Pyramid tells a story. My grandchildren’s favorite is the one it tells about the nativity scene German pyramid. This of course is the story of our Lord Jesus Christ and his birth. With each of the levels of the pyramid is a different part of the story and the reason most pyramids have more than one level. You can see the story line from just looking at the figurines on each level. The first level has our Lord in a manger with Mary and Joseph along with a few farm animals. The shepherds were the first to be told about the birth of our Lord by the angels sent by God and they are represented on the second level. The third and top level is where the wise men are placed. They were the last to arrive in Bethlehem but their presence and gifts represent just how far the word was spread about this joyous birth. 

Each year when the grandchildren come over we pick a special time for the story to be told. It is always joyful moments when the younger ones remember parts of the story and just blurt it out for all to hear. This not only tells me they have been listening but also remember and proves they understand the message this story represents. 

The Santa theme pyramid I refer to as Old Saint Nicolas. This is always a humors time because of the little ones insisting that it is really Santa Claus. They act like they only believe me to humor me, when it is I who is really humoring them. They do understand the purpose which is giving to others. Christmas is not about what you receive but what you give to others in your life and those you do not even know. It sets the tone for how my children and grandchildren view those around them all year long and will be repeated each and every year by my family even after I have long passed away. For you see I am carrying on the tradition passed down to me by my grandfather.