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Christmas German Arches

Buy Christkindl-Markt German Christmas Arches

Old German miners left before dawn and returned after dusk. On their journey home, the road was dark, bumpy, and cold. Spouses at home would leave a candle display in the window to light the way home, staying lit until father returned. This tradition has since continued into the modern era, with a beautiful light display to continue to light the way back home.

These arches have an amazing history in Germany when they first were produced in 1726 from iron instead of wood that is typically used now. Their German name, Schwibbogen (which means floating arch) is in reference to the type of architect it resembles which is from gothic times. 

These are handmade in Germany

We have displayed here electric and candle power Arches or Schwibbogens. They are all made inGerman Christmas Candle Arches Germany and the electric arches are ready to use here in the USA on 120V. All arches make great Christmas decorations to compliment your decor.


Authentic German Christmas Candle Arches


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