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Schwibbogen Illuminated Light Arch Modern Nativity Scene LED

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The Erzgebirgische Lichterbogen of the Seiffener Volkskunst eG have a long tradition.

Since 1958, handicraft products made of wood have been handmade, Made in Germany, with great attention to detail by the artisans in the Erzgebirge in our turnery.

The modern chandelier arches made of maple wood, are beautiful Christmas decorations and are also suitable as a gift for all lovers of original Erzgebirge folk art. The figure scene on the chandelier arch is ideally staged with the integrated LED lighting.

Real Erzgebirge, wood art with heart, these unique and magnificent works of art are both dreamlike Christmas decorations, decorative gifts and popular collector's items.


Measures approx 16.5 long x 8.3 high x 5.1 deep

The fascinating arc of lights has a height of 21 cm. It is 42 cm wide and 13 cm deep and has a weight of 535 g to 964 g, depending on the variant. It is assembled from several individual parts and is made of local hardwoods. We source our wood from selected sawmills in Germany. Through high-quality workmanship and design, you get a unique product of Erzgebirge craftsmanship.