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What One Thing Must A German Christmas Have?

Posted by Douglas Gray on

German Pyramid

What one thing must a German Christmas have is different from each family. For some it is the smell emanating from the German Smokers at this time of year. For other families it is the sight of the German Nutcrackers that is important. 

The one thing that is the most consistent at a German Christmas celebration is the presence of a German Christmas Pyramid. The reason for the many German homes that celebrate this festive holiday in the German traditional way is because the pyramid that has only one purpose. That is to focus on the story of what occurred over 2000 years ago when our Lord Jesus Christ was born. 

The levels of the German pyramid also have a commonality amongst the different versions. The one level all the way up to the 4 level German Christmas Pyramid all have the baby Jesus in a manger with Mary and Joseph watching over him with amazement. No matter how many levels the pyramid has this is the first and most important scene. With the addition of each pyramid level, more detail about what the others were doing at that time can be visually displayed but it is the first level that really matters. The upper levels of the German Christmas Pyramid are also important. 

Depending on just what type of pyramid you have or where you got it from will determine what is displayed on them. For many there are shepherds on a level tending to their flocks. There should also be a level with the 3 wise men that heard about Jesus and followed the star to the place of his birth. Others have a level of carolers singing the joy and announcement of the birth of Jesus Christ to all that can hear them. 

The arrangement of the figurines on each of the levels can be added to the German Christmas Pyramid. Most families add to the scenes each year with a new figurine or two so that more details about this wondrous birth can be visually shown. The greater the number of figurines that are present also help the elders in remembering all the details of the story when Jesus was born. This is only a product of age and not importance of the details of the miracle birth. 

The leading difference between a Christian home celebrating Christmas and a Christian home celebrating this holiday in a German fashion is then the presence of the wondrous German Christmas pyramid. The pyramid is the center piece during this celebration where all family members are gathered so the story of just how our Savior was born can be told. Without the presence of the pyramid, it would be a celebration but not in a German tradition.