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What Movies Have Featured a German Christmas Pyramid

Posted by Douglas Gray on

What Movies Have Featured a German Christmas Pyramid? To date there is really only one big screen production where the use of a German Christmas pyramid was used. This was the National Lampoons version of Christmas Vacation. At ChristKindl-Markt, every year there are customers who want a Christmas German Pyramid as the result of seeing that movie. The German Christmas Pyramid is referred to as a Christmas Windmill in the movie.

If you just want to see one in action, this movie does show it very well. The little one level German Christmas pyramid is on the coffee table with the fan spinning. This is then rotating the scene below it.

There is a second German Christmas Pyramid on the table behind the sofa. That one was not spinning in the movie as there were no candles that were lit. Chevy attempts to place the fan blades back in place but clumsily makes them fall off.

German Pyramid

Both of the German Christmas pyramids in the movie are of the single level variety with just a few figurines in the scenes. This does not really represent the quality or craftsmanship each real German Christmas Pyramid has. Most do spin as fast as the one is going in the movie. If you prefer a slower speed it can be done by not lighting all of the candles. 

Remember this movie is a comedy and is suppose to make people laugh. For a true to life video of how a real German Christmas Pyramid functions that is put together to last, there are over 100,000 of them on YouTube.

On YouTube there are short clips showing just how to assemble a German Christmas pyramid along with what they look once they are completed and functioning. You can also add additional figurines if you are so inclined to do so. The videos will show you many options that you can copy. You can also just come up with your own version that fits your personal touch and needs.

In American movies the number of German Christmas pyramids is extremely limited. On the other hand there are many European films that have this holiday decoration in them but I do not speak any of those languages and can not name them at his time.