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Start a German Smoker Collection Today

Posted by Douglas Gray on

Start a German smoker collection today and your home will be filled with that wonderful incense aroma you remember from years gone past. Just like the German Nutcrackers, the German Smokers at ChristKindl-Markt have those wonderful faces that made fun of the authoritative people in power back more than a century ago. This art form is the longest continuous political statement of its kind.

Because of their popularity, the German smokers from the Seiffen region in the Ore Mountains of Germany have branched out into making more types of smokers that bring joy to the hearts of all that see them. They are now representing many different occupations and characters for seasonal showings. Some of them were made just to help cheer a person up, along with traditional ones for the holidays. Each one is still created by a woodworking craftsman in Germany, and they put a personal touches on each one they create, establishing a following of German Smoker collectors who want a certain style of character and face.

German Smoker

The liveliest German smokers are in the category of characters. This is where one can find the Bavarian. This represents a man who loves his beer. With a mug in his hand and a huge beer belly all while smoking his beloved pipe. This one is great for any fun room or bar area in your home. 

Luck can be brought to your home with the German smokers that are chimney sweepers. Each Chimney Sweeper smoker is believed to bring your house luck with his own character and attitude. They really seem fitting the part with smoke pouring out their mouths.

As for the ladies, they are not forgotten. There is the kitchen cook lady with a ladle in one hand and a couple of dead chickens in the other. The ladle is raised like she is going to hit someone, ouch. There are also a few of a couple Grandparents sitting and relaxing on a sofa together. Or you can find Oma and Opa in chairs. What a heartwarming sight they are. 

In the fun category there are both male and female bartenders ready to hand out those large steins of beer to anyone passing by along with grandma and her dumplings. 

For placement near your door there is the Watchman German Smoker. There are several of these with their lantern and spear in hand getting ready to keep your home protected. ChristKindl-Markt has a large selection of all styles of German Smokers, perfect for you to select a gift for a special person.

You can also have a religious theme German smoker on your hearth or anywhere else that you deem a fitting place. Saint Nicolas is the most popular of these, along with St Peter who is holding the keys to the Kingdom. 

If a jolly old Santa Claus German Smoker is more to your liking there are so many to choose from. Surely there is bound to be one that tickles your fancy. He can be sitting, standing, reading his list, carrying his bag of toys or simply ringing a bell. Each one of them is fully appropriate for the Christmas gathering of a family together. 

There is a German crafted smoker of nearly all type and occupations of people in the world today. There are also many favorites like bunnies, houses and even tea cups you can choose from. For the Halloween season there are even a few witches that smoke to help set the spooky mood you want at that time of year.