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Nature German Pyramids are also for Thanksgiving Decorating

Posted by Douglas Gray on

I set out my German Pyramid for Thanksgiving too! This is not as strange as it might sound. Yes I do have a special nativity scene Christmas German Pyramid that is appropriate for the Christmas season, but I also have one of the Nature Deer German Pyramids

Most Americans only think the turkey was the meat served at the first thanksgiving. While turkey was served, there was also venison served. The reason the turkey was marketed as the traditional meal along with a ham is because they are commercially available. If you want to have deer for Thanksgiving, then you must either be a hunter or know of one so you can access to that type of meat. It is not readily available in the grocery market.

The selection of deer themed German Pyramids includes the deer feeding, grazing or just playing in the forest. Most of them are around a tree which is the center of the German Pyramid. They are also just a single platform so they are smaller than my 4 leveled German Christmas Pyramid, but the magnificent attention to detail and art work is still present in it. Also just like my Christmas German Pyramid, it is powered by the rising heat of the German pyramid candles, which causes the scene to be in constant motion. 

German Pyramid

Another type of German Pyramid that fits into the Thanksgiving holiday theme is the 4 Level Forest Woodland German Pyramid. It has figurines in the shapes of both men and women who lived in the forest areas. They are carrying wood and back packs filled with branches. Some are even carrying implements used on farms from many years ago.

The reason for the first Thanksgiving feast was to give thanks for a bountiful harvest. It was shared by the natives and colonist alike in a peaceful setting. By having a rotating German Pyramid out during this holiday just seems to be fitting. With its natural movement by candle light, it lends a festive air for even the heat of the candle. Also the German Pyramids were in use at the same time of the very first Thanksgiving in America. 

For display at Christmas, I could have chosen one of the Snowman German Pyramids but where my family lives, snow is not always present at the end of November so those theme pyramids would not have meant as much in November as they would in a snowy December, January, February and March. They would have been if I lived a little farther north.

When I went looking for appropriate themed pyramid for Thanksgiving I was amazed at the wide selection that is currently available at ChristKindl-Markt. There is one for each season of the year and the special holidays my family enjoy annually. The art work in the craftsmanship displayed on each one was also impressive. I wish I could have them all but then there would be no room in my home for my family, which would kind of defeat the purpose of having them to cheer them up in the holiday season.