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​My German Pyramid seems to be Alive

Posted by Douglas Gray on

German Pyramid

My German Pyramid seems to be alive every time a breeze created by the candles, or by your ceiling fan, makes it way to the blades of the fan assembly and I step back and look at it. It is such a wonderful reminder of just why I and my entire family love the Christmas season. The warmth and glow from the decorations inspire the warm feeling of Jesus in our lives. Yes that is correct, this is not a plug in decoration, yet it turns. The power is from the natural rising of heated air from the candles in it.

My special Christmas pyramid is the 4 level Carolers Nativity. This wooden structure has four distinctive levels of people celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. On the first level is the many animals that were present when Jesus was born in the stable. This includes a donkey and camel and the herdsmen along with Mary and Joseph and of course the manger where Jesus was laid as a baby. These simple yet expressive wooden figures represent the straightforward and natural life our savior expressed in his lifetime.

The second level is where the all important carolers are gathered. If you listen very closely you can almost hear them singing the praises to our Lord in song. The upper level has the all important shepherd's that symbolize how the word of our Lord was to be spread around the world for all to know and love him.

This simple design just warms my heart every year when I see it. It is the first decoration I put in place in my living room when it comes time to decorate my home for the celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ’s birth, Christmas!

This is the German Pyramid I choose from the wide selection that is now available in America. There are other themes that my wife truly loves. This is called the German Nativity Pyramid using tealight candles. The candle in this pyramid not only propels the scene with Jesus in the manger, Mary and Joseph but also shines on them. The point my wife really likes about this is there is a date palm tree on it. Yes it looks like a tree from the South Pacific, but date palms are also native to the area where Jesus was born. 

For those of you interested, there are also many other themes including the nativity, holiday, village, along with many more Christmas pyramids being made in Germany, and available here in ChristKindl-Markt for Holiday decorating of our American homes. 

The pyramid is made in Germany, and combines the Christmas trees tall shape with a visual story and explanation of Christmas from long ago. This particular Christmas decoration not only displays the real theme of the season but also has natural movement. While trees are very nice and necessary in my home at this time of the year, it is the German Christmas Pyramid that sets the real tone to those who live in my household making it warm and inviting place for all that enter.