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How to clean my German Pyramid

Posted by Douglas Gray on

How to clean my German Pyramid is similar to other fine works of art I have around my home. Like most things in a home, dust accumulates on them. Many people use a dust rag and Pledge. This is great for furniture, but not the German Christmas Pyramid. 

For accumulated dust on your pyramid it is recommended that a fine feather duster be used to remove the accumulation. This way the particles can be removed and the finish on your pyramid will not be scratched or damaged in any fashion. Another method of removing these fine particles is the use of a new small paint brush. It will require more time to clean your Christmas pyramid, but the final result will have it looking like new.

The reason for a clean and new paint brush is so there is no possibility of any type of solvent that could be transferred to the pyramid. In no manner what so ever would you want to damage the finish of your Christmas pyramid when you are cleaning it. 

German Pyramid

Some German pyramids get more than dust on them over the Christmas holiday. If just dusting yours off will not clean it, then the use of water and a damp cloth or brush can be used. By no means should any cleaning material containing vinegar or ammonia be used. Both of those ingredients can be found in the many all purpose cleaners and window cleaners on the market. While they are mild solvents, they will take some of luster and shine of your pyramid away each time they are used. 

The German Candle used with the German Christmas Pyramid may leave wax puddles that have to be cleaned up. You can minimize this clean up by using glass drip catchers that fit just over the candle, and can be removed to clean up any wax drips. If by some chance you did not choose to purchase them and use the glass drip catchers, then care should be taken when removing the spilled wax. Remember the wax went on hot and is adhering to the finish. If you scrape at the wax too hard, you might scratch the finish or pull the finish off. 

If you used a candle that was not made to be used with the German Christmas Pyramid, and was not the proper size for your pyramid, the flame might have been to high, and the air that reached the paddles too hot. The heat can scorch the paddles and then they will have to be cleaned or replaced. You may want to use a small grit sandpaper and lightly rub the affected paddle to try to sand down the darkened wood a bit. ChristKindl-Markt has many replacement pyramid paddles and fan assemblies if your paddles is too damaged to have light sanding make it look good.

The proper cleaning of your German Christmas Pyramid should be done with care and patience. You will be rewarded with a work of art that you will be proud to show your friends and family.