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How to Celebrate a German Christmas on a Budget?

Posted by Douglas Gray on

ChristKindl-Markt can help you, in giving hints on how to celebrate a German Christmas on a budget. This can be done without adversely affecting the spirit of this joyous celebration. If you already have a German Christmas Pyramid, the biggest expense has already been made. If not there are numerous ones available at reasonable prices. If this is your first German Christmas then a one level German Pyramid can work for those on a tight budget. When more revenue is available in the future, a larger one can be purchased.

For those of you who already have a German Christmas Pyramid, one area to save money would not to burn all of the candles your pyramid has a place for. This will slow down the spinning motion and is what some households do even when they are not on a budget. The slower rotation of the scenes allows for better viewing of all the figurines. It has also been reported that with the slower spinning of the scenes, the story teller slows down and makes the story of the birth of Christ more meaningful. It could be the effect of the spinning that causes many to speed up their version of this wonderful birth.

German Pyramid

For many homes that celebrate a German Christmas, the purchase of new wooden figurines to add to the display next to your German pyramid is a tradition. If your family is on a budget this year a fewer number of new figurines might be advisable. To keep the tradition alive just a few can be added instead of 4 or 5. This still makes it possible for new additions to the scenes and the storyline when the Birth of Jesus is described for the family each year during this happy gathering.

The German Incense that your happy German Smokers is another place costs can be cut without having to compromise the feeling this family gathering expresses. Have just one German Smoker burning the natural scented German Incense at a time. The wonderful fragrance of the German Incense will still fill your home with what your family remembers each year without compromising the mood.

If your family generally sets up the German Nutcrackers and German Smokers in a particular manner, then maybe a change would be in order. This will make it possible for the new German Wooden Figurines, German Nutcrackers and Incense smokers to be added without the exact number being evident to your other family members. While tradition is great and is what adds to our Christmas family celebrations, a little change is also good and acceptable.

What is important about celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ is remembering His teachings and why the family is all gathered. It is not about the gifts that each of us receives, but the birth of our Savior that is important, not how much we spend on the festivities or decorations.