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ChristKindl-Markt Has the Largest Online Selection of Replacement Figurines & Parts

Posted by Douglas Gray on

ChristKindl-Markt has the largest online selection of German Pyramid replacement figurines and replacement parts along with a wide selection of new German Pyramids for every holiday and occasion. This specialty niche of German Christmas decor was created by lovers of this type of art work. 

The art work displayed on this website includes many small wooden figurines that are made and finished by German craftsmen with decades of experience in this field. What you can also be assured of is that what appears to be made out of wood actually is real wood. 

Along with the German pyramids are German smokers and the always loved little nutcrackers. Each one is made with the time honored traditions of their German homeland just like back in the 1800’s when these forms of art were first created by the old miners in the Ore Mountain area.

German Replacement Parts

There are also many different types of ornaments available. These are not just for Christmas time but spring and special occasions. Angles and stars never go out of season and can be displayed year round in a home, and a large variety of Easter and Spring ornaments and figurines are available at ChristKindl-Markt.

Another section of this specialty niche site is a selection of music boxes and cuckoo clocks. The music boxes are adorned with small figurines just like the German Christmas pyramids in which many have a religious theme to them include the nativity scene. It is the German cuckoo clocks that place this website on the map for many art lovers. Not only do they keep merrily tick tocking the time, but the high level of craftsmanship involved in their creation is absolutely astounding. There are many different types including the traditional ones with leaves, antlers and pine cones adorning them. There are also a few that look like old country homes in the German Alps with figurines.

Because some of the items on this website do require parts that need to be replaced, like candles, this site is aware of this and provides them in a manner that is easy to find just what you need. Included in parts that could become accidently broken but are essential of your art work to be displayed include fan blades, light bulbs, candles for the German Pyramids and others items, replacement figurines and hubs. If the spare parts are made in this art form, they are available at ChristKindl-Markt 24/7. 

There are also many articles included on this website to help you care for your German Pyramid or figurines. This includes how to determine just what size candles, paddles or bulbs you might need. The blog is filled with informational articles along with wonderful stories pertaining to this unique art form. There are even links to other sites on this same topic you can explore and enjoy.

The ChristKindl-Markt is a one stop place you can fulfill your wishes, desires and needs when it comes to handcrafted wooden German art. There is no other place just like in on the world wide web.