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Please measure your existing candles before placing an order. Guessing the candle size is not an appropriate way to order candles.

Our candles are named for their own size, not the size of the pyramids in which they are installed. Small pyramid candles can go with medium sized pyramids. Medium candles my be what is used for our largest pyramids. So, the name on the candle does not refer to the size of the pyramid.

Common errors:

  1. I have a large Pyramid so it must take large candles. FALSE. Large Pyramids use all sizes of candles.
  2. I have a small Pyramid so it must take small candles. FALSE. Small Pyramids use all sizes of candles.
  3. Save yourself the trouble of ordering the wrong size candles by measuring carefully.

Candle Sizes:

  1. Small: 10mm (0.39 in) diameter.
  2. 31.5mm (1.25 in) circumference.
  3. Medium: 14mm (0.55 in) diameter.
  4. 44mm (1.75 in) circumference.
  5. Large: 17mm (0.67 in) diameter. 11/16
  6. 53.5mm (2.1 in) circumference.

Method 1:

How to Measure German Candles

Measuring German Pyramid Candles


Method 2:

How to Measure German Christmas Candles

Measuring your German Christmas Candles


Candle Type Circumference
Inches     MM  
Mini Candles  0.93" or 15/16"  23.6 mm
Small Candles  1.23" or 1 1/4" 31.4 mm 
Medium Candles  1.73" or 1 3/4" 44 mm 
Large Candles 2.1" or 2 1/8"  53.4 mm 
Advent Candles 2.53" or 2 1/2"   64.4 mm
Large Advent Candes 2.78" or 2 3/4"  70.7mm 

 Measuring the circumference allows you more "wiggle" room because you can round to the nearest quarter inch!  

Method 3: 

How to measure candles for your Pyramid or German Candle holder.

All you need to do is measure the diameter or width of the brass candle cup.

The height of the candle is determined by the diameter of the candle, so that means all you need to do is measure the diameter not the height.

To measure the diameter, take a ruler, center it on the brass candle cup holder, start at the number 1 then read across, don't worry if the brass cup tapers in, just measure to the end.

measure German Pyramid candle size

The photo above shows a measurement of 9/16 inches

It is that simple. If you have trouble reading the numbers, get either a magnifying glass or put on 2 pairs of reading glasses.

How many sizes of German Pyramid Candles are common? (We have converted the millimeter measurements into inches, so the inches are only approximate)

Tealight: 1.5 inches Diameter or Width (5/8 inches tall)
Mini: 7.5 mm [1/4 inch] Diameter or Width (2 5/8 inches tall)
Small: 10 mm [3/8 inch] Diameter or Width (2 7/16 inches tall)
Medium: 14 mm [9/16 inch] Diameter or Width (2 5/8 inches tall)
Large: 17 mm [11/16 inch] Diameter or Width (4 inches tall)
Advent: 20.5 mm [3/4 inch] Diameter or Width (3 7/8 inches tall)
Large Advent Candles Big: 22.5 mm [7/8 inch] Diameter or Width (4 inches tall)


If your German Christmas pyramid is having trouble spinning, read these helpful tips.
Pyramid Info from ChristKindl-Markt


*How do the Pyramids come?

*What if my Pyramid isn't turning?

*Directions for Use and Assembly of Pyramids.

*Safety Tips

How do the Pyramids come?

Our pyramids are mostly pre assembled. The fan blades (also called fan-assembly, paddles, blades) are separate from the pyramid. Some fan blades come as one unit (fan-assembly) and this unit is just placed on top of the pyramid rod. For the pyramids that have separate fan blades, just insert the fan blades into the hub, and adjust them so they are at a 30 degree angle, then place the hub on top of the pyramid rod.

What if my Pyramid isn't turning?

First: Make sure the center rod is sitting centered on the glass cup (bearing). Many times it looks like it is sitting centered, but it may be off centered between the glass cup and the wood around it, making turning difficult.

Using a flashlight, inspect under the lowest floor, look to see that the rod is indeed centered on the glass bearing.


Second: Check the angle of the fan blades, they need to be at 30 degrees. So start out with the blades level to the floor, then turn them up to 30 degrees. Many times the blades are set to 60 degrees not 30 degrees and at that angle they may not turn the pyramid.


Third: Drafty Room: An "open layout" or large room will have air moving in it. Even though it doesn't feel drafty to you, it may be. Realize that the heat from the candles gets dispersed easily if room air movement is present. If your pyramid is not turning due to drafts, then you can move the pyramid to a corner of the room or you can add an additional candles - this means placing a tealight candle (one that is a glass container) near the pyramid to help give more heat.

Directions for Use and Assembly of Pyramids

1. Carefully unpack pyramid and accessories.


2. Gently lift the central pyramid rod a small amount, and remove the cardboard under the bottom floor. Then carefully place the rod (axle) on the glass bearing which is under the bottom floor.


3. Place the paddlewheel assembly on the top point of the pyramid rod (axle).


For multiple level pyramids:

Do steps 1 & 2 - then:

4. Put together the paddlewheel (put paddles at about a 30 degree angle) and place finished piece on the point of the pyramid axle.


5. Insert candleholders into the holes in the base made for that purpose.

** Put NO pressure on the rod while it is sitting on the glass bearing! **

Safety Tips


Use only pyramid candles (not too tall!).


The pyramid must stand firmly on a level horizontal surface and be protected from any drafts in order to function properly.


Never leave the pyramid burning unattended especially around young children!


Should the glass bearing become scratched or cracked , it is usually possible to replace it. See our parts dept for a replacement

Do not burn candles in the mini pyramids (under 6-7 inches in height). They are there for decorative purposes only.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to measure for replacing missing German Pyramid Paddles

First you will need a hub (this is the center piece that holds the paddle blades)

If you have an existing hub, then you just need to find paddles for them, otherwise you will need a hub.

The hub has three measurements, the diameter of the small hole that the hub mounts onto the long metal center rod as shown here.

Measure the diameter of the metal rod, in this case it is 2mm.

Measure the diameter hub rod hole, in this case it is 2mm.

Count the number of paddle blade holes and get the diameter of one paddle blade hole, in this case the diameter of the paddle hole is 4mm.

If you are missing all of the paddles then also measure the full diameter of the hub, in this case it is 1 1/8".

If you have a paddle and are looking to replace it, measure the length, in this case it is 3 7/8".

If you have a paddle and are looking to replace it, measure the diameter of the nub (this part will fit into the hub hole), in this case it is 4mm.

So if you measured correctly, the paddle nub will fit into the hub hole.

If you are missing all of the paddle blades, then you will need to measure from the center of the pyramid to the center of the candle, in this case it measures about 4 1/4".

You want the paddle once sized correctly to stick out over and past the candle by about 1/2" or more.

This way when the candle is lit, the heat will rise and hit the paddle pushing on it to turn.

To recap:

If you need a hub and paddles, measure the rod, with that measurement find a hub that will fit that rod, if the rod is 2mm, then the hub hole will need to be 2mm. Then measure the hub paddle hole, in the example above it was 4mm, so you will need a paddle that has a 4mm nub.

Measure the diameter of the hub and the distance from the center of the pyramid to the center of a candle, in our example the hub diameter was 1 18", the center distance was 5", so take half of the diameter of the hub (1 1/8), so that will be about 1/2", subtract it from the center distance of 4 1/4" and you get 3 3/4", that is the approximate length of the paddle you will need.

Paddle size conclusion, the nub is 4mm and the approximate length is 3 3/4", if in doubt it is better to get a slightly larger paddle rather than a smaller one.

How to measure for German Arch Light Bulbs

Here is a sample German Arch Light bulb, the approximate diameter of these bulbs (the metal thread) are 9mm, these bulbs were made to fit the German Arches.


We have a few different sized bulbs including:

12V 3W, 17V 3W, 23V 3W, 14V 3W, 16V 3W, 34V 3W, 8V 3W, 46V 3W.

The following calculation is based on your arch using 120V (not 220V) and the bulbs are wired in series. How do you know if it is 120V - it will plug directly into your wall outlet, there won't be any transformer. How do you know if it is wired in series - if you remove one bulb they all go out.

So to figure the correct bulb, you will need to know how many bulbs there are, once you know that it's easy:

Take the number 120 (which is 120V), divide it by the number of bulbs the arch has.

So if your arch has 10 bulbs - 120V/10 BULBS = 12V BULB, then you will need a 12V bulb.

What if the number doesn't divide out to a whole number like in this example: you had 8 bulbs, so that would be 120V/8 Bulbs = 15V, in this case go with the nearest larger number bulb, so that would be 16V.