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We carry over 100 different styles of Christmas Pyramids, over 500 German Smokers and over 150 in stock styles of nutcrackers. We are your number one shop for Traditional German Christmas Gifts and Christmas Decor!

German Christmas Traditions were very much rooted in traditional Christian beliefs. The older Christmas decorations almost always show Christ or Angels; only in the last two centuries have we seen the rise of the Santa and Snowmen traditions in the German seasonal decor. Older pyramids also show miners; the Christmas Pyramid design and shape is actually rooted in the old horse driven mining capstan which was used to bring minerals out of the ground; it makes so much sense that mining became a focal point in this type of folk art. With the addition of more traditional Christmas themes, German Pyramids serve to celebrate, not just the economic rise which came from the discovery and the harvesting of mineral enriched mountains, but also to celebrate the birth of Christ and the story of Santa.  Christmas pyramids celebrate more than just Christmas, they celebrate German heritage!

Christkindl-Markt German Pyramids