German Pyramids Use a Special Sized Candle

Posted by Douglas Gray on 22nd Aug 2014

German Pyramid Candles

German Pyramids use a special sized candle so the heat need for motion of this pyramid is applied correctly. For use in this type of Christmas decoration, the use of the candle is not for decoration purposes. The heat that rises from the candle is used to propel the pyramid fan when the rising air hits the fan mounted to the top of the display. 

Each German pyramid is designed to use a specific height and diameter of candle as part of its natural prolusion system. There is no standard size used in all types of pyramids so know what the specification of your specific pyramid requires so it will operate correctly. 

The correct diameter is the easiest to determine. This is done by a simple measurement of the candle holder. The minis are 1/4”, the small are 3/8”, the mediums measure at 9/16” and large pyramid candles have a diameter of 11/16”. By measuring the base of the candle holder, you will then know just size candle is needed. Because the base dictates the size and name, the height for each size is predetermined. 

The minis and medium pyramid candles are 2 5/8” high. The small candles are 2 7/16” high and the large ones are 4” high. This is how you can determine the correct size for your pyramid by measuring the diameter of the holder where the candle will be placed. 

Many new owners of a German Pyramid think the size of the overall pyramid determines the size and type of candle that should be used. This is not true at all. Each of the German pyramids have already been tested so the correct height is know so just because you have a 4 story German pyramid do not assume you need the large pyramid candle. This is also true for the small German pyramids. Not all of them take the small or mini candles. 

Because these candles are made in Germany who use the metric system a simple conversion has to be done. To avoid this, the following can be used. Minis are 7.5 mm, small 10 mm, mediums 14 mm and the large are 17 mm in diameter.

Not only does the size of the German Pyramid candles make them special, but also the materials they are made from. The wicks are 100% cotton - This way the candles burn evenly and give off good heat when they are used. 

So remember the reason for the candle size used for each specific type and size of German Pyramid is so it will turn at the correct speed. Each pyramid is tested so the correct candle in diameter and height will make the pyramid turn properly. Larger diameter candles put out more heat than the smaller ones - make sure you get the correct size of candles for your pyramid.