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Adding New German Figurines for Pyramids and Christmas Decor

Posted by Jeff Silla on

German Angel FigurinesWe are busy taking photographs and making new pages, but once we are done you will be able to purchase hundreds of brand new figurines. These figurines are meant to be used for replacement parts for German Pyramids and German Scenery. They are all hand made from Germany as everything else we sell is. So if you are looking for shaved trees we have them, if you are looking for small wooden Angels we have them. We are stocking new Santa's, Children playing, Snowmen, toy rocking horses, deer, small birds, and all kinds of other figurines all made in Germany. Once we are finished we will have the largest Replacement Inventory for German Made Pyramids and Items like Arches Online anywhere.

We are very excited to be part of the growing German Community of sellers who can meet the needs of our German Pyramid Lovers.