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Gourd Carousels are a happy blend of gourds Grown in America, with the Christmas pyramid and figurines from both USA and Germany. Tio and Cia have handmade each Gourd Carousel, creating the silhouettes that are cut out by hand, coloring each Gourd in decorator hues, and creating unique scenes of delight that are viewed through the silhouette portals. Each Gourd Carousel ™ has 50 to 100 different parts. There are two different candle holder Gourd Carouseltypes, tealight and taper. The fan that tops our Gourd Carousels are made of wood. The base is made of poplar and has four feet made of maple. The hat that tops the actual gourd is made of red oak. Each piece that makes up the Carousel is hand crafted and hand finished. The Gourds are grown here in the USA, all the other pieces are made either in the USA or in Germany.

The photos shown are representative of the Gourd Carousel ™ you will receive, the actual Gourd Carousel ™ will be different since each gourd is unique as they are naturally made items. There may be a difference in height, width, color, shape, texture and weight. Keep this in mind when purchasing our Gourd Carousels.

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