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Angel Christmas Song Nativity Art Gourd Carousel Brown Taper Candle N104BR003LF0YC

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Hark the Herald Angel Sings to announce the joy of Christmas, and allow a view into the Gourd Carousel ™ and the scene that is in motion. Music notes trill in the air, giving you additional glimpses into the unfolding glorious interior. Stained and Natural wood are the materials used to create the elegance of this interior Nativity scene with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. There is a Natural wood gowned angel who is instrumentally announcing this great birth.

This CHOCOLATE BROWN Gourd Carousel ™ is an original hand made work of art that is signed by the artist team of Tio and Cia. The heat rising from the candles propel the top carousel wheel and makes the inner scene rotate inside. Surrounding the gourds outer shell are hand cut silhouettes, that allow you glimpses of the delightful interior scenes. The Gourds we use are grown in USA.

This Gourd Carousel ™ measures approximately 13 inches tall, and is about 13 inches square on the base from Candleholder to Candleholder. Four GOLDEN YELLOW (just under 9/16 inch diameter) (14mm) German Candles are included to get you started.

brown swatch
This color swatch is a better representation
of the actual color of this Gourd Carousel ™
4 honey candles
Your Gourd Carousel ™ comes with a starter set of 4 Yellow Candles

N104BR003LF0YC - Your Gourd Carousel ™ comes with a "Certificate  of  Authenticity"

Certificate  of  Authenticity

The photos shown are representative of the Gourd Carousel ™ you will receive, the actual Gourd Carousel ™ will be different since each one is unique as they are naturally made items. So there may be a difference in height, width, color, shape and weight. Keep this in mind when purchasing our Gourd Carousels. ~Cia~